Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New York Trip in Pictures

I had a quick visit to New York in December to see my sister and meet with my editor (which feels like a fancy thing to say!)  It was a lovely little trip.  Here is what it looked like:

Buildings, charming buildings:

My sister Olivia and her fiance Tristan, who broke his foot playing football in a knife fight. You should see the other guy.

He makes her laugh :)

Oh look, more buildings. Here's the view from their balcony/patio in Carroll Gardens

Here I am on the Highline. Just LOOK at that foliage, my friends.

Olivia composts.

Cupcakes are still a thing, so we eat some, plus gingerbread men:

We go see a very big tree:

Then we buy a littler one from Petey, the abominably cute 8 year old tree seller.

And what trip to Brooklyn would be complete without visiting that carousel everyone is talking about? 

Or stopping by the Williamsburg Milk Bar outpost and getting some cereal milk soft serve to drop on the ground in the rain?

Next time I'll get the bagel bomb.

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