Sunday, May 6, 2012

22 hours in Palm Springs

We finally managed to fit in a (very mini) getaway for ourselves, and Reader, it was precisely what the doctor ordered.

We spent Thursday night and most of Friday in fabulous Palm Springs, where the sun is hot, the Coors Light comes in these icy metal bottle-cans, and you can spend an entire morning and afternoon just reading in a lounge chair and nobody will say a thing about it.

We stayed at this amazing little hotel where each room had its own private courtyard (complete with hot tub!) 

We checked in Thursday evening, opened some celebratory wine, then went and grabbed some dinner at Spencer's. Afterwards we walked back through the warm night air, marveling at the giant craggy mountain looming next to us, the billion glittering stars, the overwhelming peacefulness, etc.  

Then we went for a midnight swim. 

I know! 

The next morning we woke up early and toasted the day with mimosas that we classily sipped out of plastic cups.

Then we hung out in our little courtyard soaking in the crazy desert morning sunshine as the smell of jasmine wafted over us from the actual wall of jasmine that separated our room from the next one over. 


I had all the supplies I needed:

In case you are curious, (and why wouldn't you be?) here is a lil 360 view of our courtyard. 

Can you tell that I am/was basically obsessed with it? 

Plant-covered walls FTW, amirite? 

Checkout was at noon, so we stayed until 11:59, just gettin' so tan and reading so hard.

Next we had a yummy Mexican lunch and headed out to the Agua Caliente Casino to see if we couldn't convince them to let us hang out by their pool for the rest of the day.

I think it was my giant pink hat that did the trick. They handed us a pool key like we were high rollers and we proceeded to lounge in the shade of a magnificent palm tree/umbrella combo for the next four hours, occasionally slipping into the water or padding to the tiki hut to get another ice cold brewsky. 

It was, what's the word I'm looking for here? Perfect? 

Something like that anyway.


  1. aw, so perfect! and delightful! all we did this weekend was go to a moustache contest (but at least Warren won something :)

  2. Floppy hats for the win! And how's the Bechdel book?

  3. What a great 22 hours! We are so happy that The San Giuliano was a part of it! I love the pics, cool adventure! You two are so cute :). Hope to see you really soon!

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