Thursday, June 14, 2012

Isn't it, You Know, Ironic?

Things that well-meaning people say when you are suffering from anxiety that somehow only make your anxiety that much worse:
"What you need is a nice long walk."

"Maybe you should just get out and socialize a little"

"Have you tried yoga?"

"Are you meditating?" 
"You probably shouldn't be drinking." 
"What about Passion Flower extract?"

"Maybe you should just focus on all the positive things in your life."

"Deep breathing"

"Deeeeeeeep breaths"

"Kava Kava?"

"I don't see why you can't just get off the couch, find a doctor, make an appointment and be done with it."

Things that probably help when you are suffering from anxiety:

         A nice long walk

         Socializing a little



         Probably not drinking

         Passion Flower extract

         Focusing on all the positive things in your life

         Deep breathing

         Kava Kava?

         Just getting off the couch, finding a doctor, making an appointment and being done with it.
         (ha, ha, ha.)

But we all know that what will really help is this:


  1. I discovered that my anxiety and panic attacks were being caused by my depression medication. I was really surprised that my doctors never picked up on the fact that I had more than half of the side effects...

    1. eep! That's terrible, aaaaand part of the reason I never do go to the doctor.
      Plus, they make me anxious...

  2. or you could just succumb to the couch supining and buckle down for a good lark rise to candleford marathon. seriously, if you haven't watched this yet, get on it! plus, you get to pretend that there was once a time in the world when having the name "dorcas" wouldn't have been ridiculous (because she is the awesome post mistress)!

    1. Candleford?? I've never heard of this. I will watch it post-haste!

  3. I'm totally all over saving up for a naturopath to see if some flower extract can help my depression + anxiety. The more woo woo the better.

    1. I just went to Vitamin World and got some Passion Flower Extract for like 8 bucks. The jury's still out on whether it will change my life, but I'll certainly post the results!
      Also, yes to woo woo!

  4. Sometimes you just need someone who understands what you're going through, rather than trying to fix you. I suffer from car-related anxiety myself, as a result of an auto-pedestrian accident I was in about a year ago.

  5. In the pizza party commercial, there's a tense moment when someone pulls the "Switch" card and mushrooms get traded for pepperoni. And that blond little boy looks VERY satisfied with himself. So I guess that just goes to show, you can't buy love, but you can buy pizza. And pizza is love.



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