Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The coolest thing that I didn't even know existed but now own two of

Take a look at this little guy. 

Why, it's a little ceramic squirrel, holding an acorn-full of strike-anywhere matches.  And he seems to have a textured base upon which to strike said matches!

Do you die? I die.

It's called, well, a match strike, and it's totally a real thing that people used to have in days of yore. 

Darling Jonathan Adler has resurrected the idea and oh how I adore him. 

Form, function, etc. We still don't even have things like bedside tables at our new place but we have a match strike. 

Er. Or should I say, we have multiple match strikes.

Don't judge.

After I learned about the concept, I immediately went hunting for more, and then I accidentally bought this amazing little bronze kangaroo off Etsy.

That face! That pouch! 

Do I actually need to say anything to justify this purchase? 

I didn't really think so.

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