Monday, October 31, 2011

Craft Night

 On Saturday, instead of going to an epic party, a few friends and I stayed in, made these drinks and rented The Craft.

 Ladies, it's even better than you remember. Fairuza Balk really brings it here. It made me wanna dust off my old plaid skirts and knee highs and stick plastic baby barrettes in my hair.

Stone cold fashion

And I'd argue that it sent a far better message to the youth of our time than, say, Twilight sends to young ladies of today. Instead of the (dull but secretly special) protagonist being completely emotionally and physically dependent on some sparkly male, this movie's all about female friendship and empowerment.

Although I guess once they do get "empowered" everything goes to hell and they all turn on Sarah and convince her horrible things are happening and then try to outright kill her. 

But, you know, before that part.

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