Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's hard to take pictures of a fireplace

We recently experienced our first cold and rainy evening in our new place.

Loki didn't like it. He prefers snow.

I didn't like it much either, as I have a sort of hyperactive version of SAD that flares up with any perceivable dip in sunshine levels, and leaves my entire household tiptoeing carefully around the couch where I lie, wrapped in blankets, loudly despairing.


Our new apartment came with a fireplace, and it is a truth universally acknowledged that a roaring, crackling fire can thaw the mood of even the most determined seasonal depressive. So we gave it a go.

I was so excited by the prospect that I even got up off the couch to go get my camera. "This will look so great on my blog!" I thought. "Is there anything more charming than a cozy, firelit home on a rainy evening? Think of the pageviews!"

But then:

Readers, it is HARD to take pictures of a fireplace! At least for me and my little Digital Elph it is. 

What's the secret? Tripods? Fancier cameras? Photoshop? I am ashamed!

But documentation notwithstanding, we did have a lovely, warm evening curled up by the fire. And as we have since realized that it is in fact the only source of heating in our drafty old living room, we're actually going to be curling up in front of a great many more of them this Los Angeles winter. 

And every night that we do, I'll be sure and break out the flip-phone and snap a picture for you to warm yourselves to.

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