Sunday, February 5, 2012

Oh Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Rocking Out to Some Mahler

On Thursday night we went to the Disney Concert Hall to see a performance of Mahler's Symphony no. 9.

Jared, classically trained bassist that he is, loves this stuff.

I, short attention spanned as I am, went only out of love for my husband...

Turns out? Mahler is sweet!

I was literally on the edge of my seat in the balcony, gripping my program and leaning forward, not even counting down the 87 minutes until it was over and I could get back to my sweet sweet internets.

Me and my boyfriend Gustav

It was an awesome night (and not just cause I got to wear my new polka dot dress from Forever 21). 

The hall was packed; Dudamel was all theatrical and inspired; no one's cell phone went off (at least until the very end); people stood up and cheered when it was over.

I'm telling ya. Culture with a capital C around these parts.

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