Friday, February 24, 2012

Seven Emoticons of Downton Abbey

Have you noticed how the characters of Downton Abbey all seem to have just one representative facial expression?

It must be hard, living in that giant house, in those changing times, having to make the same face day in and day out, come war or scandal or evil bars of soap.

I thought we might all like to see what it's like to live that way, so I created some Times New Roman emoticons for your chatting and emailing pleasure.

Feel free to make your own and join in on the repetitive fun!

PS for copy/paste purposes here they are in text format. Happy emoting! 

$;-}    @`;- «      ,‘- I      }:^ c      ;- <      - o     §: - c       


  1. Just sent the URL to this post to everyone I know. This meme is going to make your fortune!

    1. hehe, thanks Rawaan! Soon I will be all $;-}



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