Saturday, February 11, 2012

Radio, Radio

Today's weather has been doing a sort of back and forth cloudy/sunny thing, which I refuse to get behind, so instead, I am casting my mind back alllll the way to last weekend, to a sunny Saturday when Jared and Loki and I walked the funny urban/nature trail up to Radio Hill.

I even took some pictures along the way.

I, Blogger!

The first part of the walk took us through Chinatown:

Where the streets are paved with dragons.

(Loki could slay a dragon)
 We stopped by a man pushing giant stalks of sugarcane through an extractor

He was selling the clear green juice for three dollars

It was delicious.

Eventually we made our way out of the bustle and up this partially paved road.

As it wound higher and higher around the hill, the city fell away, and we found ourselves in a little grove of crepe myrtles.

On one end an old radio tower stretched into the sky

On the other end, there were heart-shaped cacti.

Downtown was one direction.

The San Gabriel mountains were another.

We hung out.

Then we walked down the hill and ducked under the 110 freeway, where someone had drawn a ferocious picture of Loki (or possibly a wolf.)

We emerged, walked through a quiet neighborhood, found the hidden steps to Elysian Park, hung out some more in the pretty nature, ate a couple of granola bars, etc etc.

And then we followed our long shadows home.

And by home of course I mean our car.

We followed our shadows back to our car and then we drove ourselves home. This is Los Angeles, after all.

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