Thursday, August 30, 2012


I am deep in the writing vortex at the moment, trying to finish this draft of my book that is due SO SOON. I probably won't be blogging very much in the next two weeks, but I want you to be able to enjoy some cool art, so check out these awesome pieces by Stacey Page and Neil Dawson why dontcha?

Then come back and tell me what you think!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Some Days

You feel like this:

But are you Grimace, or are you that delicious kid?

That is the question.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Here's to halo halo

So, have you heard? It's really hot in LA this week.

It's the sort of unrelenting, brain cell arresting, crankiness-inducing heat that makes it difficult to have a conversation that doesn't at some point veer into The Weather. Sure it isn't humid and yes there are no mosquitoes, but let's get real: our charming 1930s apartment does not have air conditioning. And its big gorgeous windows? They are like magnifying glasses angled toward the sun. And though it's perfect and lovely 345 days of the year here and I should probably just shut my big mouth and count my blessings, I tell you, this week has been rough for those of us who work from home.

Aside from sitting in front of the fan with a freezer-cooled washcloth on my head, I have been venturing into the library to take advantage of their a/c. This works alright, though there seems to be a perpetual storytime going on and for some reason storytime makes babies cry in libraries? Go figure.

Anyway, when Jared came home from his air-conditioned office the other day and mentioned some frozen Filipino treat he had just heard about called halo halo, I leapt from the couch in slow motion and herded us right back into his car to go find this cold delight.

Ok that's not exactly true. First I googled it, because I am a child of the Internet, and I like to know what I am getting into.

The results were intriguing! As someone who wants all her food to touch, halo halo seemed like my kind of party. A cold, colorful jackpot of endless ingredients (like flan, tapioca, sweetened beans, coconut, jello, jackfruit, yams, bananas, you name it) all mixed together, then layered with shaved ice and evaporated milk and topped with a scoop of bright purple ice cream? Sign me up immediately. I mean, sure I had no idea what it would taste like, but based on the pictures alone I knew I must try it.

Plus it would be cold. And did I mention it's hot here?

We ended up in a strange mall in Eagle Rock where, next to a bustling Seafood City we found this tiny Filipino Gelateria. The super friendly kid behind the counter wanted us to try all their interesting flavors, but we were too excited about our halo halo to wait. We ordered it with Ube, because the color is amazing, and I'm here to tell you it was the right choice.

This stuff is amazing. Creamy and cold and surprising. Every bite is different yet it all somehow blends together in this perfect rainbow harmony extravaganza and you know what? I'm just gonna to stop writing this stupid blog post right now and go get some more because I don't know if I mentioned this but IT IS HOT IN MY HOUSE.



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