Sunday, November 25, 2012


Wandering through Little Tokyo the other day we stumbled upon a wish tree.

It was absolutely bursting with wishes.

I wanted to read them all. They were so good! So strange and sweet and weirdly specific!

Here are a few I saw and liked:

"I wish I wish with all my heart to last forever with the love of my life!" - Erick <3 Zaida

"I wish for a dog."

"I wish for all the art supplies and people I love to be happy :) and to see all the bands eva. And for my grandma to get better. And for all the sad peeps to cheer up. And for an A on my finals."

"I wish to live a life of genuine passion and never regret things not pursued."

"I wish to meet Cody Martin"

"I wish it rained pizza. By Max."

"I wish for everybody to be okay. Not just for me. For everyone."

"I wish for a horse."

I didn't leave my own, partly because I am superstitious, partly because it cost a dollar and cash is so last century.

I do sometimes wish it rained pizza though. And for everybody to be okay.


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